heinz-ketchup-old-bottleHave you ever wondered ; “Why is it so hard to get the ketchup out of this tiny bottle?” For years, I have seen numerous people stick a butter knife into bottles of Heinz 57 ketchup. The reason: to get the ketchup out.

Interesting Fact #1 – On the front of the Heinz 57 bottle there is the number 57. If you hold the bottle at an angle and slightly tap the 57 on the front, the ketchup is designed to come out automatically. (You may have to tap it twice)

Interesting Fact #2 – Why the 57? The number 5 had a great significance to Henry J. Heinz, it was his lucky number. The number 7 was his wife’s lucky number. Heinz now has over 6000 products. The company’s first product was prepared horseradish.

The next time you are eating a burger in your favorite local restaurant, have fun trying this small experiment. Save the butter-knives for spreading. ~AH

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