Top Ten Burger Searches in 2017 in the Acadiana Area.

Top Ten Burger Searches in 2017 in the Acadiana Area.

Well we are finally finished with the numbers this year for the top 10 burger searches in the Acadiana area and it looks like we have some new numbers from last year. This list is derived from locals or folks in the area actually searching for their favorite burger spots from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These numbers will be updated and they will be the first to receive their new pages from on the new website. Thank everyone for loving the burgers like you do in the area….because it is true. Acadiana has the best burgers in the world. If you would like to recommend your favorite hamburger or coming soon is our new Burger Po-boy category feel free to invite us or recommend your favorites by sending a message to our Facebook page here.  Feel free to email your favorites also

  1. Gary’s IG Grocery – Lafayette, LA
  2. Joe’s Sandwich Shop in Opelousas, LA
  3. Cajan’s Eatery – The Dixie Burger – Scott, LA
  4. Broaddus Burgers – Moss St Lafayette, LA
  5. SHUCKS! The Louisiana Seafood House!!! – Abbeville, LA
  6. Daiquiris’s Supreme
  7. Rocket Drive Inn – Jennings, LA
  8. The Orginal Ground Pati – 6oz w/ cheese – Johnston Street Lafayette, LA
  9. Judice Inn – Lafayette, LA
  10. Fat Pat’s – Westmark Blvd – Lafayette, LA
How Do Our Louisiana Politicans Feel About Burgers?

How Do Our Louisiana Politicans Feel About Burgers?

Alright let’s get serious for just a minute. How do all of these politicians feel about burgers. We will be calling their offices and posting the outcomes here.

  1. Mark Garber – Never returned phone call. (Left two voice mails)
  2. Chad Leger – Office answered and we were told that one of the burgers he had this week was Judice Inn on Johnston St.

Next election we will be asking these questions far in advance to let everyone know the answers that really matter!



SHUCKS! THE Louisiana Seafood House!!! (Abbeville, LA)

SHUCKS! THE Louisiana Seafood House!!! (Abbeville, LA)

SHUCKS! burger in Abbeville, LA - (Do not copy photo)

SHUCKS! burger in Abbeville, LA – (Do not copy photo)

One burger that is one you may be surprised to taste is the one at SHUCKS! THE Louisiana Seafood House!!! in Abbeville, LA. Every time we find out there is a burger from a seafood restaurant we get excited. It’s an old burger tale that seafood restaurants have some burger “Gems.” One of the reasons why is because many great seafood cooks grew up watching other greats in the kitchen. One of the many items that is seen quite a bit is the burger on various grills while perfecting the craft of burger craftsmanship. We truly believe this seafood restaurant is one of these special places. Now we do realize that not everyone tries the burger when they visit SHUCKS! but if you do decide to give it a try get it exactly like its served, and don’t be afraid to tell Dave or Bert we want it the way gets it with the Kaiser bun. (which is one of our favorites) We feel this burger is truly one reason why Acadiana has some of the best burgers you will ever taste! ~AH

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Early History of the Hamburger

Early History of the Hamburger


Bon Creole in New Iberia, LA Photo by Kevin Ste Marie Copyright AcadianaHamburger

Bon Creole is an amazing burger must try while traveling through New Iberia, LA

A “Hamburger” (or burger) is a sandwich that consists of a cooked ground meat patty, usually beef, placed in a sliced bun or between pieces of bread or toast. Hamburgers are often served with various condiments, such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, as well as lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and cheese.

The burger has a long and controversial history, largely complicated by the fact that there are many claims to the title, but no clear answer as to where it actually all began.

The prevalent theory holds that the name “hamburger” actually has nothing to do with ham or the meat, but rather refers to the city of Hamburg in Germany which, 100 years ago, was one of the busiest ports of departure for those travelling or emigrating to the United States. Germans took with them recipes for their beloved ground meat dishes to remind them of home.

Today, after speaking to many folks from the Hamburg, Germany area we learn that this tradition does not still stand as a large hamburger driven location. But we are happy to say we appreciate the great start!

Subsequently, in the late 19th century, a dish known as Hamburg steak became popular in restaurants across New York. The dish was essentially minced beef seasoned with onions and plenty of salt. The high levels of salt meant that the food was relatively well preserved, making it a good low-cost meat option for the lower classes.

When the idea of Hamburg steak transitioned into the hamburger we know today is still unclear. There are a number of claims set

Hamburger Charlie from Wisconsin.

Hamburger Charlie Nagreen  from Seymour, Wisconsin.

between 1885 and 1904, all situating this miraculous invention somewhere in the United States.

“One of the more compelling burger invention legends is that of Charlie Nagreen from Seymour, Wisconsin. In 1885, at his local county fair, Charlie introduced a sandwich filled with meatballs that was designed to be eaten on the go.”

This signalled the creation of the original hamburger while spurring the start of the fast-food industry that soon thrived on the need for people to grab a quick, inexpensive bite while on foot. To this day, Wisconsin maintains a Hamburger Hall of Fame and hosts a burger festival every August.

While burger patties served between two plain slices of bread began to crop up across the country, the introduction of the all-important bun did not occur until a few years later.

A gentleman by the name of Oscar Weber Bilby from Tulsa in Oklahoma owned a fast-food stop called Weber’s Root Beer Stand. Apparently, around 1891, Oscar jumped upon the idea of using his wife’s home-made buns to serve his burger patties. The rest is history. Over time tomatoes and lettuce were added, as well as all manner of condiments and, of course, pickles, cheese and bacon. These ideas were first imagined in the 1920s by the White Castle restaurant chain and its visionary Edgar Waldo “Billy” Ingram, Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank, California in the 1930’s, and was refined by McDonald’s in the 1940s.

Today burgers are arguably the most popular fast food – it is estimated that McDonalds has sold 100 billion beef hamburgers worldwide since they first opened their doors in 1937, and is a multi-billion dollar industry in its own right. (sources Woolworth, & Wikipedia)

The Acadiana area has a very large number of real-meat and home-made hamburgers if you are are a burger lover! Click here to get excited about well over 100 hamburger locations in 8 parishes in Louisiana. Louisiana is not known for its large burger population. But we are soon learning that with many great cooks, come some really great burgers also!

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For information to The Hamburger Hall of Fame located at 126 N Main Street Seymour, WI 54165 Phone: (920) 833-9522

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