Hub City Diner

1412 South College Rd. Lafayette, LA 70503 – Phone: 337-235-5683 – Hub City Diner – The fifties style diner has been making burgers for the past twenty years. The diner has the special 50’s look that gets you in the mood for a burger. *You can also order a burger from the breakfast menu.

1. All burgers at Hub City Diner are made fresh daily. They also serve a great children’s burger served in a 50’s cadillac.
2. The burger comes
prepared with your choice of red onions, pickles, mayo, and lettuce.
3. The Feta Bacon burger is a half pound burger topped with bacon and Feta crumbles. Great for variety. *Vegetarian? the diner serves a spicy black bean patty burger with whole wheat bun. Whole wheat buns and turkey patty available.

Business Hours

Monday – Saturday – 6:30am – 10pm
Sunday – 6:30am – 3pm

Hub City Diner Burger Lafayette, LA - photo by Kevin Ste Marie