SHUCKS! burger in Abbeville, LA - (Do not copy photo)

SHUCKS! burger in Abbeville, LA – (Do not copy photo)

One burger that is one you may be surprised to taste is the one at SHUCKS! THE Louisiana Seafood House!!! in Abbeville, LA. Every time we find out there is a burger from a seafood restaurant we get excited. It’s an old burger tale that seafood restaurants have some burger “Gems.” One of the reasons why is because many great seafood cooks grew up watching other greats in the kitchen. One of the many items that is seen quite a bit is the burger on various grills while perfecting the craft of burger craftsmanship. We truly believe this seafood restaurant is one of these special places. Now we do realize that not everyone tries the burger when they visit SHUCKS! but if you do decide to give it a try get it exactly like its served, and don’t be afraid to tell Dave or Bert we want it the way gets it with the Kaiser bun. (which is one of our favorites) We feel this burger is truly one reason why Acadiana has some of the best burgers you will ever taste! ~AH

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