SHUCKS! THE Louisiana Seafood House!!!

SHUCKS! THE Louisiana Seafood House!!! Burger

SHUCKS! THE Louisiana Seafood House!!! – 701 West Port St. Abbeville, LA 70510 Phone: (337) 898-3311 –  SHUCKS! THE LA Seafood House!!! (Abbeville, LA) – If you are craving a burger with shocking flavor, try this one. Another great burger in a seafood restaurant, and one our favorites; “The Kaiser Bun!”

1. This burger is another reason why I tell people to try burgers in seafood restaurants. All beef patty, Kaiser bun, shredded lettuce.
2. Get it like they serve it!
3. After the first three bites it’s hard to put down. The Kaiser bun chosen is perfect for the patty! And after the three I had one of the only three burgers with just the right taste of mayo. And of course ketchup!

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