Well we are finally finished with the numbers this year for the top 10 burger searches in the Acadiana area and it looks like we have some new numbers from last year. This list is derived from locals or folks in the area actually searching for their favorite burger spots from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. These numbers will be updated and they will be the first to receive their new pages from Acadianahamburger.com on the new website. Thank everyone for loving the burgers like you do in the area….because it is true. Acadiana has the best burgers in the world. If you would like to recommend your favorite hamburger or coming soon is our new Burger Po-boy category feel free to invite us or recommend your favorites by sending a message to our Facebook page here.  Feel free to email info@acadianahamburger.com your favorites also

  1. Gary’s IG Grocery – Lafayette, LA
  2. Joe’s Sandwich Shop in Opelousas, LA
  3. Cajan’s Eatery – The Dixie Burger – Scott, LA
  4. Broaddus Burgers – Moss St Lafayette, LA
  5. SHUCKS! The Louisiana Seafood House!!! – Abbeville, LA
  6. Daiquiris’s Supreme
  7. Rocket Drive Inn – Jennings, LA
  8. The Orginal Ground Pati – 6oz w/ cheese – Johnston Street Lafayette, LA
  9. Judice Inn – Lafayette, LA
  10. Fat Pat’s – Westmark Blvd – Lafayette, LA

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